Garden machinery should be treated just like a car – if you maintain it well and service it frequently, it will continue to perform well for many years to come.

Regular servicing not only helps to keep your machine in tip top condition, running and performing well, it also should help to prevent expensive breakdowns and repairs.

We also offer a full collection and delivery service within our local area. Please call or email for more details.

Checking dipstick for proper oil level

What happens in a service?

john deere before service 2
The service begins

This John Deere X748 came to us as a non-starter. After getting it back to the workshop, we stripped it down and identified an electrical fault causing its non-starting issues.

John Deere x748 deck being worked on
Identify any faults

After getting the tractor up and running, we could focus on the rest of the machine. The deck required new bearings and seals on all three spindles and we gave it a lick of paint for good measure. We changed the deck PTO gearbox oil, shapened and balanced the blades and refit the covers.

john deere after service
Finishing the service

With the deck reassembled, we could continue with the service. Where we lubricated all linkages, changed the fuel filter, plus transmission and engine oils and filters. Which freed up a sticky brake pedal.

It then had a good clean and was ready to be returned to the customer.

Why does petrol go bad?

carburettor before and after cleaning


The second cause of fuel spoilage is oxidation, some of the hydrocarbons in the petrol will react with the oxygen to produce new molecules and peroxides, none of which are ideal to have in your engine or fuel tank. When oxidation occurs, you can easily tell by the odour of the fuel, as it will have a strong sour smell, similar to varnish or paint thinner. It is also noticeable visually, if you pour some of the fuel into a glass container, you will see that the fuel has turned dark and you may also notice small solid gum particles floating inside. Peroxides can attack rubber and metal, stripping away the liner on fuel lines and pumps and attacking rubber hoses. This process can sometimes take a few months although it will occur faster if UV light can get into the container.


The first thing that usually happens to stored fuel is the lighter chemicals inside evaporate, leaving behind a heavier, less volatile product. When it sits unused its more volatile components evaporate, leading to poor engine performance. 

carburettor with green stale petrol


Finally, there is the problem of contamination. Water, is the main culprit in this situation as it gets into stored fuel containers via condensation as temperatures fluctuate.

petrol jelly
Which is why we use Aspen Alkylate petrol for our winter servicing

Aspen 4 is virtually free from harmful substances such as benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons or olefins; substances that can cause serious health problems. Aspen Alkylate Petrol also keeps the spark plugs and combustion chamber of your machine cleaner. Aspen can be stored for a long time without any deterioration in quality, which makes your engine easy to start – even after long standstill periods. There are numerous environmental benefits, such as reducing the formation of ground-level ozone (smog) by about 40%.

What is Alkylate Fuel?

The name alkylate comes from the word alkylation, which is the name of the process by which the raw alkylate is produced.

From gas to liquid

Alkylate is a synthetically produced petrol component. The alkylation process takes place at oil refineries. Alkylate is formed from the excess gases produced in the distillation of crude oil and oil cracking.


Alkylate is one of the cleanest petroleum products that can be produced. It is composed of up to 10 different components while regular petrol can contain 350 different components.

The majority of alkylate produced in the world is used in regular pump fuel because it is free from aromatics and olefins. This helps to bring the fuel within the specifications which are allowed to be sold on the forecourts.

Man repairing lawnmower engine

We maintain an extensive inventory of parts for all the brands we sell including

including AL-KO, Stiga, Mitox, and Efco