Weibang Virtue 46 SVP Petrol Lawnmower


Engine Weibang X145
Power 2.7kW
Displacement (cc) 140cc
Cutting Width 46cm / 18 in
Cutting Height 20 – 70mm
Cutting Height Adjustment 8 Stage, Central Spring Assisted
Drive Variable Speed
Drive Speed 2.5 – 5km/h
Deck Steel
Collector Volume 55 Litre
Function Mow, Collect, Mulch, Side Discharge
Weight Approx 40kg
Warranty (domestic/commercial) 5 Years / 1 Years (Terms Apply)


The Virtue 46 SVP is the smallest model in the PRO range making it ideal for use in the smaller gardens. This heavy duty 4-in-1 machine offers great versatility for both commercial and domestic users.

Built for a long working life, the Virtue 46 SVP is equipped pro quality components throughout such as the aluminium variable speed gearbox, stainless steel drive cables, fully adjustable heavy duty handle bars and a front bumper to provide protection to the steel mower deck.

The Euro 5 compliant 140cc Loncin X145 engine delivers 2.7kW of power for impressive cutting and collection performance, even in damp conditions. With mowing, collecting, mulch or side discharge options, the Virtue 46 SVP is suitable for use in a range of mowing conditions.


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