Stiga Petrol Ride On Lawnmower Combi 2072 H


Brand Stiga
Power Details Stiiga ST400 Engine – 414 cc
Transmission Hydrostatic
Cutting Width 72 cm
Cutting Heights 30-80mm (7 Positions)
Collector 170 Litre
Fuel tank Capacity 4 Litres
Wheels Front 11″ / Rear 15″
Noise Value – Sound Power Level dB(A) 100
Weight 162 kg
Warranty 2 Years
Lawns up to 6000m2
Other Features Optional Rear Deflector Available
Engine make Stiga


The Stiga Combi 2072 H lawn rider is packed with high-end features and offers gardeners of all abilities and experience the chance to maintain their lawns of up to around one acre to a very high standard.

If you’ve decided that your walk-behind mower just isn’t up to the job then the Stiga Combi 2072 H lawn rider could be just what you are looking for. If you are looking to upgrade your lawn mower then you couldn’t pick a better model, you can choose from mulching or collecting the grass and all with easy handling, for a very reasonable price tag. It’s important to note that the Stiga Combi 2072 H lawn rider comes FULLY assembled and READY to use thanks to our unique “Start n Go” service.

Easy to manoeuvre thanks to its compact size and intuitive speed adjustment, the Stiga Combi 2072 H lawn rider is an incredibly versatile and easy to operate lawn rider. The mulching feature is an absolute godsend; you can choose to mulch instead of collecting which means no more trips to the compost heap (saving you time, of course) and also you allowing the mulched grass to be returned to your lawn where it will wilt naturally and return vital nutrients to your grass.

It’s unlikely that you’ll need additional lawn care products as the mulched grass is rich in vital nutrients and totally organic, and not to mention – completely free, so you’ll save lots of time, effort and money! You can easily fit the included mulch-plug if your grass is in the right condition to be mulched.

You’re going to love the smooth hydrostatic drive, which is a pleasure to operate, offers easy speed adjustment and allows you to easily manoeuvre around objects instead of having to move them first. Having the option to choose between collecting the grass and mulching it ensures that the Stiga Combi 2072 H lawn rider guarantees you a perfect finish in all kinds of conditions.

The Stiga Combi 2072 H lawn rider features a deck-width of just 72cm and together with the seven-step adjustable cutting-height (30-80mm) you can cut your grass to a neat, precise finish. The 170-litre grass collector is a generous size to ensure you don’t need to make too many trips to the compost heap and is easy to empty from the comfort of your driving seat.

The Stiga 2072 H Lawn Rider features the powerful Stiiga ST 400 Engine, 414 cc which is made to last you a long time and provides all the power you need to cut your lawn quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its modern design it offers reduced emissions, lower fuel consumption and is much quieter than you might expect.

For your comfort and safety, an ergonomic steering wheel gives you complete control as you drive, and the high backed seat means you can work for longer periods of time without straining your back. The nifty LED headlights mean that you can work in fading light in complete safety and the LED dashboard means all the controls and information you need is right there up front with you. Aimed at gardens of up to an acre, this compact, lightweight lawn rider is effortless to use and a pleasure to own.


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