Stiga Petrol Brush Cutter Strimmer SBC636D


Specification Stiga SBC 636 D Petrol Brushcutter 35cc:
* Nylon line diameter (mm): 2.7
* Cutting width: 43 cm
* Nylon head type: Bump & Work dual line
* Nylon line length: 4 m
* Blade type: 3T ARC
* Blade diameter: 255 mm
* Included tools kit: Spark plug key, screwdriver
* Power source: Petrol 2-stroke
* Displacement: 35.3 cm³
* Engine net power: 1.2 kW
* Starter: Easy start recoil
* Primer: Yes
* Choke: Automatic
* Fuel tank capacity: 0.6 l
* Carburettor type: Butterfly valve
* Ignition coil type: Digital
* Air filter type: Paper
* Handle type: Bike
* Vibe Control System (VCS): Yes
* Soft grip handle: Yes
* Harness: Double Comfort
* Product weight: 8.2 kg
* Warranty: 2 Year Domestic, 1 Year Commercial
Barcode / EAN: 8008984829169


The Stiga SBC 636 D 283321008 / ST1 with a direct shaft and reinforced steering wheel mount, equipped with a 35-cubic-stroke two-stroke petrol engine (net output power 1.2 kW at 7500 rpm) and mowing width 45 cm. The innovative Electronic Engine Management (EEM) system simplifies engine starting thanks to electronic control and the absence of a choke lever, as a result of which simple and fast, reduced power consumption, wear and longer service life.

It is a compact brush cutter that is well balanced and reinforced in case of shock loads. The brush cutter has bicycle-type handles for reliable grip and total control for safe operation. The new fastening system allows you to easily and quickly adjust the position of the handles.

* 2-stroke engine – Equipped with a reliable 2-stroke engine with a capacity of 1.2 kW at 7500 rpm.

* Primer – Retrofitted with a manual fuel priming pump (primer) and magneto for easy start-up under various operating conditions.

* The Bump & Work Dual Line mowing head + 3T ARC grass knife (Ø 255 mm. ) – The brushcutter is optimized for mowing grass, lawns and hard sprouts using a cutting polymer string 2.7 mm thick (swath width – 45 cm). For this, the unit is equipped with a Bump & Work Dual Line semi-automatic mowing head, which has a spring-loaded spool with a cord reserve (up to 4 meters). To quickly update the two worn ends of the fishing line, it is enough to lightly hit the button on the head with the ground.

* Starting block – The innovative electronic engine management (EEM) system provides almost instant start-up in just 1-2 traction.

* Quick Start – The Easy Start system provides an easy and smooth engine start.

* With VCS Vibration Reduction System – the presence of anti-vibration system (V?S) for long-term comfortable operation. Highly effective anti-vibration system.

* Handle with soft touch handle, integrated controls and ON / OFF switch – All switches are located on the soft handle for control and safety.

* T-handle – basically equipped with a bicycle handle of a special asymmetric shape, which has a soft coating and allows you to reliably hold the unit in working position even with strong recoil. All controls are compactly integrated in the right holder. The bicycle-type steering wheel has an adjustment knob for adjusting the tilt, providing greater comfort for the user.


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