AL-KO Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower 521 VS-H


Cutting Width 51 cm/20 in
Suitable For Lawns Up To 1800 m²
Function 4INONE
Cutting Height 30-80mm
Cutting Height Adjustment Central, 7 Stage
Engine Honda GCVx 170
Cylinder Displacement 167cc
Power 3.2kW/2900rpm
Drive Variable Speed – 2.5-4.5 kmh / 1.5-2.8 mph
Cutter Deck MaxAirflow – Steel
Collector Volume 70 Litre
Wheel Size (Front/Rear) 200 / 280 mm Ball Bearing
Weight 36.8kg
Homeowner Warranty 5 Year


Powered by a powerful Honda GCVx 170 engine. Designed for gardens up to 1800 m², the Premium 520 VS-H features a large 70 litre collection box with integrated fill level indicator and EasyClick system. Complete with MaxAirflow technology maximum filling capability.


The variable speed drive combined with XXL wheels with ball bearings and the ergonomically shaped handlebars with flat OPC, EasyDrive Cockpit and soft grip handles makes the Premium 520 VS-H comfortable to operate and easy to manoeuvre around the garden.


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